Green Cars - The Next Generation!!!

Eco friendly cars are now in demand due to zero maintenance and less consumption of fuel. These cars have changed the norms of the regular gasoline based engines. It gives a better pick up though going low on the mileage. Most of the car manufacturers are now into designing better green cars that gives a better mileage as well. It is a tough market for branding green cars as gasoline cars still rules the streets. Today, we have green cars that run on solar energy, battery operated, hybrid cars, and the plug in hybrids. Some of these cars are safe bets to save money on fuel and usually find a lot of buyers.

Among the green cars, the battery operated ranks the highest as it runs on electricity. It is preferred by a lot of people as it is a complete saver on fuel. The mileage is still an issue of concern with battery operated cars and has to be worked on for better performance. Moreover the need to charge after every 80 miles is again a question to ponder as the car soon exhaust of the charged up electricity. The other option against battery operated cars would be the hybrid ones. They are very eco friendly and works on a combination of fuel and electricity. It offers the comfort of switching from fuel mode to electric mode and also has in-built chargers. The car gets recharged automatically and you neither have to carry the chargers nor wait for the car to get charged.

The plug in hybrids are another type of green car and do not have many buyers. It runs on the same principle as that of the normal hybrid cars except that over here, you would have to manually charge the battery. The charger has to be carried, and needs to be plugged on for the battery to be back in operation mode. It takes a lot of time for the battery to get charged and does not work during long travels. On the other hand, it is a point to be noted that both the hybrid and the plug in hybrid are good on mileage.

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No wonder, some of the leading car manufacturing companies have tried to implement such features into their car prototypes. Let us take a look at some of the leading green car models.

1. Toyota Pirus - It is rated as one of the top selling car of the season and gives a decent mileage of 50 per mile. The overall cost of this green model is quoted around 23 million dollars

2. Tesla Roadster - A battery operated car that has to be recharged for about every 300 miles. It gives a good mileage and is priced around 100 million dollars.

3. Chevrolet volt 230 - A fully fledged plug in hybrid and give about roughly 30 miles for every recharge. It is quite economical and is affordable by a common man. It is yet to hit the car market in a year's time.

Green cars are the next destination point for the automotive industry. It needs to be supported with research and designs that works perfectly in tune with the environment.